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Croki Horns Clog Shoe Attachments KIT

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In episode 5 Croki (who later turned out to be an alligator but nobody cares) captured the hearts of viewers across the world, and the memes soon followed. Various artworks surfaced of clog shoes wearing the iconic god of mischief's horns, and now you can make your own horns for your clogs.


These are only available as a KIT. This way each attachment can be heated with a heat gun or blow dryer before painting and made to fit the form of multiple shoe sizes.

This kit is 3D Printed in a custom resin mixture that combines strength with high details parts. These are much more durable than PLA versions and will not warp in the sun.

The attachments affix to the shoe with a pressure fit clip on the back. From my testing these work great for casual walking. However, it is possible things such as thickness and density of the shoes may vary. If you find the clips to be loose, a dot of a removable glue such as hot glue or E6000 can help hold them in place.

This listing is for the attachment kits only. No shoes are included.

What's in the Package?

- 2 Shoe Attachments
- Tips sheet for finishing and painting

Additional Information

Each horn attachment measure approximately 3.75 inches wide and 2.37 inches tall

This item is 3D Printed out of high quality custom mixed resin.

Base 3D model designed by Marko Makaj of MysteryMakersStudio and prints sold with his permission.

This item is a fan interpretation and fan art. I am not associated with the companies that created the original design or characters that inspired this art.