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Deluxe Human Sized Building Blocks Saber

Limited Run of 50

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This one of a kind saber is the collectible you never knew you needed! Inspired by the miniature sabers by a popular building blocks brand that doesn't like if we use their name, this life size prop is sure to make you a true jedi!


This unique saber is machined out of solid aluminum and comes with electronics installed. The hilt features an RGB in hilt LED and speaker. The clear acrylic blade replicates the iconic look of the toy counterpart, but a polycarbonate "classic" saber blade is also included. These allow for the blade to be 12 different colors. Six sound fonts are also included.

What's in the Package?

- One saber hilt
- One 24" acrylic blade
- One 32" Polycarbonate Blade
- One horizontal display stand
- Charging cable, tool kit, and instructions

Additional Information

The saber hilt measures 10 inches long. With the acrylic blade it measures 33 inches, and approximately 41 inches with the polycarbonate blade.

The saber features flash on clash and swing sound effects. (Works best with the polycarbonate blade"

Due to the weight of the acrylic blade, there is a small bit of blade wobble when swinging. When the set screws are fully tightened it is well secured. The polycarbonate blade is recommended for play.

While the saber is very sturdy, it is for cosplay or display only, no epic duels with this one!